Please fill in your details to apply to take part in our social experiment: 36 questions to fall in love with a stranger. Your answers will not be shared publicly or used for marketing purposes. If we find someone to match you with, you'll be invited to join us on 14th February at Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen to meet a stranger and ask/answer 36 questions of each other and see if you fall in love!
let's do this
Our event does not discriminate on the basis of gender identity or expression, sexuality or age; we just need the basics to begin to match you with the right person. How do you identify? : *

What is your Sexual Orientation? *

What is your age group? *

What are you looking for? *

You will be informed if you can take part by 1st February. Are you available to come along to the event on 14th February, Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, 7.30pm-9pm?

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